Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Afghan Whigs "Gentlemen"

A Great Overlooked Band of the 90's

If you ever were about to have a breakup, having a breakup, or just had a breakup, there was no better tonic to add to your glass of sorrow, anger and confusion than the Afghan Whigs. Lead singer Greg Dulli delved into all the base emotions of this turmoil and never minced words. From "Now You Know" off the Gentlemen CD: "Bit into a rotten one now didn't you, now I can watch you chew.......chew" Is he talking about himself? or Her? Regardless, this is one of the most emotional, intense, raging slabs of musical heat ever laid down. The whole Gentlemen album is about a bad breakup - and it got me through one of my own. These "kings of the minor chord" put out several great albums and why they didn't get as big as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or a myrad of other alternative rockers is probably due to the fact that they lingered in the dark side lyrically and musically, and never comprimised their sound. And oh, did I mention that they combined all this angst with a Mowtown/Soul Music influences? (They even did an EP of Mowtown covers!) These guys were Emo whithout the whine and would easily stomp all over these floppy haired alternative pussies of the 00's. Drink deep and drink heavily of the incredible music these ragers made - everyone needs a little minor chord punch on occasion.

Now You Know

Debonair off "Gentlemen" (the closest they came to a hit)

"Gentlemen" - shoulda been a hit

"My Curse"
Singer Greg Dulli was either so distraught with this song or he wanted a female angle to this concept album that he had Marcy Mays from the band Scrawl sing it. Live video from the '94 Reading Festival. (hang tight until the 3:50 point when she really starts to wail)

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